Mali With Aly

What to See in Mali

Dogon Country

See unique Dogon culture, mask dances, sculpture, and architecture.


Wander the streets and libraries of this mysterious desert city.

Sahara Desert

Explore and camp in the world's largest desert with Toureg guides.


Shop in beautiful markets and see the Great Mosque built of mud.


Come for the music and markets in this quickly growing African city.

Niger River

Explore Bozo villages and see wildlife from Bamako to Timbuktu.

Hombori Mountains

Table mountains, climbing, and rock houses in eastern Mali.


Your gateway port city to the Niger and Bani Rivers in central Mali.


Former French colonial capital known for pottery and fishing.

Adrar des Ifoghas

Rock drawings, granite blocks, and wide valleys in eastern Mali.

Images of Adrar des Ifoghas, Djenne, and Hombori Mountains from


"Aly did not treat me like a client, but rather a family member. He made my first trip to Africa an amazing one."
Greg S. - New York, NY

About Me, Aly Guindo

For over 16 years I have been guiding travelers to Mali, and other West African nations. In addition to my native Dogon and Bambara languages, I speak French and English. I give my clients a very personal service, planning each trip to the specific needs/wants each traveler demands. I can show you the highlights of Mali, or I can plan an off-the-beaten path trip that few tourists do. Just tell me what you want. From the time I pick you up at the airport, until I drop you off at the end of your travels, my goal is to give you a trip you will remember for the rest of your life. Please contact me today to get your tour of Mali started!